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Mannol ATF Multivehicle 4L

Mannol ATF Multivehicle 4L

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A universal all-season high-viscosity synthetic transmission fluid (ATF) for automatic gearboxes. It was specially developed for all modern automatic gearboxes (manual or sequential modes, electronic control, etc.) equipped with and without a hydraulic converter lock-up. It is also compatible with old-generation automatic gearboxes, hydraulic power steering systems, ship reversing gears, hydrostatic transmissions, hydraulic/mechanical systems in which the use of fluids that correspond to Dexron (except Dexron VI) or Mercon standards is prescribed.
It ensures a flawless operation of an automatic gearbox, guarantees minimal wear, a lasting service life of transmissions and fuel economy. It was developed on the basis of the requirements set by the company AISIN WARNER.

It is recommended for automatic gearboxes produces by American: GM, FORD, CHRYSLER, etc., Asian: HYUNDAI/KIA, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, SSANGYONG, SUBARU, TOYOTA , etc. and European manufacturers: BMW, CITROEN, FIAT, MB, VOLVO, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, etc.

It is recommended for service fill applications where Toyota T-IV or T4, T-III or T3 are called for.

Colour: Red

Comply with the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the user’s manual!
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